For Sale

Plastic Material For Sale


1) VLDPE Clear Film

VLDPE Clear FilmVLDPE Clear FilmClear VLDPE bales, rollstock and virgin pellets

Truckload every 4 weeks

FOB our dock



2) LDPE Mulch Bags and Clear LLDPE Stretch Film Baled

LDPE Mulch Bags and Clear Stretch Film BaledDetails: The bales are mainly compacted with Low Density Polyethylene bags used for mulch (wood wrap).

Quantity: 3-5 truckloads approximately 37-40000 lbs. per load.

Location: Wisconsin

Pricing: TBD



3) Clear With Print LDPE Film With Slight Fiberglass Contamination and Small Yellow Stickers

Quantity: 44,000 lbs. every 2-3 months

Location: Kansas Pricing: $.22/lb.

FOB Kansas or best offer.

Payment terms: Wire transfer before pickup of goods.


4) New Construction HDPE Pipe

Quantity: 8 rolloff boxes

Weight per box: Approximately 400 lbs for LDPE red film and 700-800 lbs for Silicone scrap.

FOB location: Outside of Calgary, Canada.

Price: $28/lbs FOB customer p/up


5) HDPE Dunnage


Quantity: 15k-20k lbs/month

Location: Bedford Park, IL

Payment terms: To be discussed in advance before scheduled pickups


6) Needled Polyester Felt

Description: Felt rolls with a polyurethane coat on 1 side

Quantity: Truckload quantities per week

Price: Make an offer!


7) LLDPE Rollstock and Reprocessed Pellets


Specs: White/black products are manufactured with 0.3 MI hexene LLDPE resin. They contain 2% carbon black and no fillers.

Description of offering: These rolls are used in geomembrane applications and sourced directly from the manufacturer

Quantity: 100,000 lbs of roll stock monthly. These are rejected due to mil thickness variations or surface imperfections.

Price: $.35/lb. FOB BC Canada

 LLDPE black reprocessed pellets – .3MI Hexene based with 2% carbon black and no fillers

Quantity: 300,000 lbs in bulk must be sold and removed with bulk trucks no exception

157,000 lbs in super sacks approximately 1000 lbs per super sack

Price: $.45/lb. FOB BC Canada

Terms: TBD


8) Flexible PVC