For Sale

*Updated 10-26-17

1) VLDPE Clear Film

VLDPE Clear FilmVLDPE Clear Film

Details: Clear VLDPE bales, rollstock and virgin pellets

Quantity: Truckload every 4 weeks

Location: FOB our dock

2) Hips

Description:  Red and natural post industrial regrind from utensils.

Quantity: 4 truckloads per month of red & 1-2 truckloads monthly of natural regrind

Location: South Carolina

Price: TBD

3) COPP Scrap / Macro Harvest Bins

Description:  Broken bins. All light cream color used in onion farming. Each bin weighs approx 90 lbs.

Quantity: Approximately 250,000 lbs or 3,000 bins. Total of 84 bins per 53ft dry van trailer.

Location: Georgia

Price: $.21/lbs or best offer FOB Georgia


4) Baled PI HDPE Buckets & purge

Description:  Natural & White PI Buckets palletized, baled and boxed purge.

Quantity: 3 truckloads monthly about 17,000 - 20,000 lbs per load

Location: Michigan

Price: TBD prefer Midwest delivery

5) HDPE Pipe

Description:  3408 & 3608 grad HDPE pipe used for water transportation. Most pipe will be 40-50 ft lengths. Small amount of dirty only. No metal collars.

Quantity: 100-200 MT beginning 7-1-17. Loads average 30,000 lbs.

Location: Yorkton, SC, Canada

Price: Depending in delivery location. TBD. Taking order for delivery 2nd week of July, 2017.

6) HDPE Collapsible Bins

Description:  45x48x34  and 45x48x64 collapsible bins with 2 small drop door. Excellent condition. Available in Black and black/red and orange.

Quantity: Truckload quantities,

Location: El Paso, TX

Price: $105 each OBO

7) Nylon Zytel

Description:  Nylon Zytel FE5312 BKO32 - 1 heat history parts and sprue/runners from OEM mfgr. This is a 33% GF PA6/6 +PA6/12 Nylon.

Quantity: Approx 40,000 lbs  monthly

Location: Hopkinsville, KY and Ft Worth, TX.

Price: TBD

8) LDPE clear & color bales

Description:  Clear and color baled LDPE film with slight cheese contamination. No residual smell. Ongoing quantity.

Quantity: 3 truckloads monthly.

Location: Tennessee

Price: TBD

9) HOPP & HOPP/Santoprene blends

Description:  Natural and blue PP Post industrial parts per pictures attached.

Quantity: 1-2 truckloads monthly.

Location: Northern California

Price: TBD

10) HDPE frac melt regrind

Description:  .3 .955 density frac melt HDPE regrinds. Excellent quality from Blow molded bottles. Mostly natural/white in color.

Quantity: 35-40000 lbs monthly.

Location: Ogden, Utah

Price: $.37/lb. FOB Utah

11) Clear With Print LDPE Film With Slight Fiberglass Contamination and Small Yellow Stickers


Quantity: 44,000 lbs. every 2-3 months

Location: Kansas Pricing: $.15/lb.

FOB: Kansas

Payment terms: Wire transfer before pickup of goods.

12) HDPE & PP totes & bins

Description: Most items are clean and free of contamination inside but outside may have shipping labels attached

Location: Tennessee (Vikoz can deliver to most locations East of the Mississippi)

Price: Make offer

13) Geomembrane rolls

Description: Mostly 30 and 60 Mil. Will have some dirt inside and outside of rolls. LLDPE based resin.

Quantity: 400,000 lbs now and ongoing monthly. Loads on flatbeds are averaging 31-35,000 lbs per load.

Location: Grand Prairie, AB, Canada, Canada

Asking price: $.05/lb.

14) TPO Floor Sweep

Description: Loads will consist of both floor sweeps and strapping per pictures attached.

Quantity: 40k lbs per load. This is ongoing once per month.

Location: Mid- Atlantic coastal state

Asking price: Make offer

15) Mixed Color Injection Grade regrind

Description:  6+ Melt index .950-.955 density in gaylords & super sacks

Quantity: 2-3 truckloads per month

Location: El Paso, TX

Price: $.38 FOB

16) Structural Foam HDPE regrind

Description:  Regrind from collapsible bins & pallets. 4-8 MI .950-.955 density. In gaylords & supersacks.

Quantity: 1-2 truckloads per month

Price: Make offer