For Sale

Plastic Material For Sale

*updated 1/8/15


1) VLDPE Clear Film

VLDPE Clear FilmVLDPE Clear Film

Clear VLDPE bales, rollstock and virgin pellets

Truckload every 4 weeks

FOB our dock


2) LDPE Mulch Bags and Clear LLDPE Stretch Film Baled

LDPE Mulch Bags and Clear Stretch Film Baled

Details: The bales are mainly compacted with Low Density Polyethylene bags used for mulch (wood wrap).

Quantity: 3-5 truckloads approximately 37-40000 lbs. per load.

Location: Wisconsin

Pricing: TBD




3) Clear With Print LDPE Film With Slight Fiberglass Contamination and Small Yellow Stickers


Quantity: 44,000 lbs. every 2-3 months

Location: Kansas Pricing: $.22/lb.

FOB Kansas or best offer.

Payment terms: Wire transfer before pickup of goods.





4) TPO Floorlite C baled scrap


Description:  Green Bay, Wisc. This is a onetime deal being this supplier normally has pristine clean scrap going back to their mfgr. There will also be some cotton shoddy contaminates mixed in the bales. This is all trim stock.

Quantity: 40000 lbs.

Location: Green Bay, Wisc.

Price: make offer

Note: ONE TIME Offering posted 1/8/2015



5) -35 Mesh LLDPE Compounded Roto Powder

Description: Mostly white in color. Packaged in boxes.

Quantity: 40000 lbs every 2 weeks.

Location: Toronto, Canada, Calgary, BC, Canada and Houston, Tx.

Price: TBD

* Pictures available upon request. Samples available for testing.





6) Needled Polyester Felt

Description: Felt rolls with a polyurethane coat on 1 side

Quantity: Truckload quantities per week

Price: Make an offer!




7) LLDPE Reprocessed Pellets


Description: This is a wide spec mix of compounded LLDPE pellets used in film production. There will be some natural and white. Some will have fillers such as Ca02.

Percentage of fillers will vary. Majority of properties show 2-4 MI .921-.928 density but melt can be higher.

All from a major US/Canadian compounder. All packaged in Gaylord lined boxes.

Quantity: 3-5 truckloads monthly. Loads average 40-41000 lbs net weight.

Location: Toronto, Canada, Calgary, BC, Canada and Houston, Texas.

Pricing: TBD




8) Natural HIPS


Description: Extrusion sheet in rolls or regrind. Will contain 1.5% EVOH all post industrial material.

Quantity: 300,000 lbs with ongoing truckloads monthly.

Location: Wisc.

Pricing: Please quote your best price delivered in the U.S. or Central/Eastern Canada. Vikoz will deliver.




9) HDPE Large Diameter Pipe

HDPE Pipe 2     HDPE Pipe

Description: HDPE-HMW 3608 pipe. Excellent HMW properties. Overall pipe is clean and loads will have various length’s telescoped inside each other as seen in the pictures.

Quantity: 40000 lbs weekly. We ship in 53ft dry van’s only and always obtain no less than 39000 lbs. Cannot load flat or step deck trailers. Also cannot load ocean containers.

FOB: Southwest

Price: High demand material. Make your best offer FOB pickup point.




10) Rigid PVC r/g



Quantity: 40,000 lbs monthly

Location: Cleveland, Ohio

Packaging: Gaylord boxes

Price: Make offer



11) Mixed Curbside Film Bales

Location:Nova Scotia, Canada (will deliver to the Port of Halifax).

Monthly quantity: 100-200 tons

Price: TBD


12) Mixed rigid plastic bales

Location:Nova Scotia, Canada (will deliver to the Port of Halifax).

Description: The plastic is approximately 50% HDPE blow mold, 25% “Tubs and Lids” and 25% other plastic (no soda bottles but there is PETE clam shells).

* This material is from Municipal curbside programs where the public is told not to recycle Foam or PVC.

Price: TBD



13) Orange LDPE

Orange LDPE

Description: Orange Food Grade LDPE liner. First load to be available 2/1/2015. Film will be baled. Overall quality excellent no contaminates such as paper, labels, moisture.

Quantity: 40000 lbs every 6-8 weeks in 2015

Location: Alabama

Price: $.28/lb. FOB Alabama




14) Baled LDPE film


Description: Camelback yellow/greenish yellow LDPE film bales each weighing approximately 1000 lbs. 90% Yellow with 10% yellow/greenish color film.

Quantity: 45,000 lbs monthly

Location: Northeast Ohio

Price: $.25/lb. FOB Ohio



15) Carson Totes

Carson 1    Carson 3

Description: Carson HDPE bins used to store oranges. Mostly damaged not good for reuse. Light beige in color. Overall very clean.

Quantity: 120  each weighing approximately 120 lbs.

Location: Ventura, California

Pricing: $.25/lb. FOB Ventura, California

Note: Maximum loading per twin flats 112 bins.




16) EPS Ingots

Pipe 2

Description: EPS ingots  98% white, 2% color ( separated )

Quantity: 40,000 lbs monthly

Location: Texas

Price: $.35/lb. FOB Texas or best offer.



17) HDPE Coiled Pipe

Coilded 2     Coiled 1

Description: HDPE-HMW Grade 3408/4710 HDPE  coiled pipe.

Quantity: 5-10 truckloads first quarter 2015

Expected weight per truck: 25,000 to 30,000 lbs.

FOB shipping Point: Richmound, Sk, Canada

Asking price: $.37/lb. FOB SK



18) LLDPE Roto molded tubs

1   2   3

Description: LLDPE roto molded containment tubs – Clean and free of any contaminates except water from sitting outside. All tubs will be cut up and shipped on flat bed trailers. Melt Index 3-5 MI Density .938 – .940

Quantity: 10-15 truckloads first quarter 2015

Expected weight per truck: 30-32000 lbs.

FOB shipping Point: Richmound, Sk, Canada

Asking price: $.28/lb. FOB SK