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Edward Osley

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We all have become habitual to use plastic-made products that come for different uses and became an important part of our life. Its demand, on the other hand, has grown to a large extent for being cheap and highly durable. Today, there are number of plastic manufacturing companies that made their existence to serve customers by offering different products and they use plastic in the process of manufacturing their products and run their business successfully. But, the wide use of plastic also pollutes environment and badly affects both human lives and marine lives.

The plastic recycling companies are playing the most appreciable job in preventing the environment from getting polluted by using plastic scrap in the process of recycling and make it reusable. Vikoz Enterprises is one of the most popular companies that explored a huge appreciation for providing a great efficiency and effective plastic recycling process. As we are blessed with modern equipment and toll grinding. Founded in 1996 by Ed Osley Jr who earned over 35 years experience in plastic industries, Vikoz Enterprises serves customers with a full dedication by letting them explore the new idea of dealing with plastic scrap. We are completely focused on handling the post commercial account and post industrial quite efficiently. The company has successfully made its stand strong in the United States and serves people, no matter where they are residing (inside the country). We are proud for getting a huge appreciation from our number of clients who finally recognized our best effort to serve them, after spending some quality time with us. Being a plastic recycling company, we are quite concerned about doing our task properly and take several measures to recycle the plastic scrap in a proper way, so that it can have less impact on environment. The growing importance of plastic recycling can be described in terms of its ability to make environment pollution free and also to make a proper utilization of scrap materials. We purchase the waste plastic materials that are not in use for a long time and then recycle it, in order to make such materials reusable. The process is environment-friendly as well as reducing expenses in developing new products by using the recycled plastic. Once we complete the recycling process of scrap materials, then we sell such materials to the plastic company for making it's further use in manufacturing different types of products that include kitchen accessories, bed room accessories, electronic products, automobiles, and lots more. Vikoz Enterprises has an edge over others for being a quite efficient and using innovative methods in plastic recycling. As we believe action loudly speaks than words, so we anxiously invite you to come and give us a chance to serve you. You can easily get in touch with us either using email, phone or fax.