Recycle Plastic

As the world’s population grows certain resources are becoming more and more limited. This has resulted in companies looking for innovative ways to help save the earths raw materials. Many materials can be recycled like glass, plastic and paper for example If you are looking for a company that can recycle plastic or any type then Vikoz are the leading company doing their bit. Most plastic is derived from basic petroleum products and because plastic materials can take ages to decompose and break down it is far more useful to recycle plastic than just throw it away. We specialize in all types of plastic recycle methods and service the entire US and Canada to recycle plastic both in bulk and smaller quantities of post industrial products for manufacturing. We offer our services to any manufacturer or plastic form blow molding company that needs a plastic recycle service. We will collect no matter what quantities you have with the use of our own trucks and carriers where ever you are in the U.S or Canada. After your used plastic has been recycled we also resell plastic in a form suitable for your manufacturing process whether it is in pellet form or sheets. In addition to being the leading plastic recycle company in the U.S, we also go one step further by recycling of non ferrous metals so give us a call and we will attend to your recycling needs wherever you are located. We pay top prices for bulk plastic that needs to be recycled as you can see on our website from high density plastic to polystyrene. We have been the leading plastic recycle company since 1996 and have collective experience of over 50 years with our founder Ed Osley JR. Vikoz knows the importance of recycling resources to protect the environment. Many manufacturing companies have seen the need for a cost effective solution to used plastic that collects in any form after the manufacturing process is complete. Many plastic injection form companies and plastic bottle blow molding companies have found it cost effective to use us for recycle plastic purposes because of our collection services and recovery of overheads because we pay best prices for bulk plastic recycling. If you have a problem with storage space we can also leave collection bins and containers at strategic points on your site and all plastic recycle material will be collected at your request. Give any one of the friendly plastic recycle specialist team at Vikoz a call so that we can show you there is a cost effective to plastic that you think is complete waste. We will make arrangements for transport and collect all your plastic recycle material whenever you need it