Plastic Scrap

If you are in the plastic manufacturing business and need to recycle your plastic scrap then you can rest assured that Vikoz are the company that will be able to take care of your needs. Our staff and workforce have many years experience in the plastic scrap recycling industry and we are capable of providing professional advice regarding the purchasing of waste plastic and the use of recycled material. We collect and recycle plastic scrap all over Canada and the U.S. Many tons of plastic packaging finds its way into the dumping landfill sites and is then a major threat to our environment, because it is very slow to biodegrade. In the manufacturing process for these plastic packaging and other products, off cuts and rejects result in extensive volumes of plastic scrap. Vikoz can provide a solution for recycling and reusable products at the best price. Vikoz is a Company that specializes in the recycling of LDPE and HDPE and many other types of plastics. We are well respected as a reliable plastic recycle company for commercial and industrial plastic manufacturing concerns all over Canada and the U.S. Our plastic scrap recycling company was established in 1996 and is a major player in the market, serving numerous companies all over the country on a regular basis. Our management teams have many collective years of experience in the recycling industry and are capable of providing professional advice regarding the purchasing of waste plastic and the use of recycled material. We provide collection bins wherever you need them and you can simply call on us to collect because we have our own transport services. We pay the best prices for plastic scrap making us a cost saving solution for all plastic scrap by products coming from manufacturing processes. Additionally we reuse plastic to produce a variety of recycled goods and also reusable raw materials that can be purchased for use in the manufacturing processes again. As an environmentally conscious company we know the importance of plastic scrap recycling and this is just one way that we make our contribution. If you have plastic scrap in substantial amounts then you can arrange with us for collection or for bins where it can be disposed until they are full. We will then collect this plastic scrap and replace the bin with any empty one. Give us a call about handling your plastic scrap for recycling and we will show you that we provide a cost effective solution allowing you freedom from worry of what to do with any plastic scrap.