Plastic Recycling Company

Recycling plastic on a corporate scale is definitely a critical step towards environmental responsibility. However, the things we do as individuals are just as important. Our habits at the office and at home have a significant impact on the environment. By encouraging your employees to follow a few earth-healthy habits, your business can have an even better impact on the world’s ecology. Any plastic recycling company will be able to give you a wide range of different tips and recycling ideas as you both work towards achieving the same goal of alleviating some of the stress placed on the planet. One of the ideas they’d probably recommend would be to reuse the envelopes that you receive in the mail. They are excellent for storing receipts or sorting film negatives. You can also keep the pictures on your old calendars and use them to make your own birthday cards for your friends and family – home-made goodies are always far nicer and more personal than bought ones, which are more commercial and have far less meaning and thought attached to them. Another idea from a great plastic recycling company is to keep your junk mail and instead of throwing it away and killing more trees, merely break it into pieces and use it as a bottom covering for a hamster cage or use it to place beneath the litter in your cat’s litter box. If you get hold of a recycling company, they’ll be able to let you know exactly what can be recycled and where you can drop the items off. For instance, the inner rolls of your toilet paper are made from cardboard and can definitely be recycled, rather than just throwing them away and creating more waste. You can also keep all your egg cartons and plastic bottles, which you can use for planting new seeds to grow a stunning plant one day, and then replant them in your garden at a later stage when the seedling is strong enough. Instead of throwing your plastic bottles and cartons away take it to a plastic recycling company, where they will ensure that it is used once again. You can also cut the tops of any plastic bottles, and use them to keep your children’s crayons in. If you have a heap of scraps of food left over at the end of each week, try and get in touch with a local farmer and he or she will be glad to take the scraps out of your hands as food for the pigs. Whenever you get gifts from friends or anyone else, rather keep the bows, ribbons and paper and reuse them for other people’s presents, Keep this in mind when you’re opening your presents, so that you don’t rip the paper too much. You can also keep your old ice cream containers for keeping other things in, like kiddies’ crayons and biscuits and even other food that you’d like to freeze and eat at a later stage. If you want to tackle recycling on a larger scale, consider using Vikoz to recycle your plastic scraps. Vikoz deals in all types of plastic and non-ferrous metals, from post commercial and post industrial processes. Not only will you be doing your part for the environment, but you could reduce costs as well by selling your plastic scrap. For more information on plastic recycling from Vikoz, visit