Sell Recycled Plastic

If your company manufactures products out of plastic and are looking for a company to sell recycled plastic, consider Vikoz. As a leading plastics recycler across the US and Canada, Vikoz offers plastics recycling services to business in any location in North America, and can sell recycled plastic to companies that make plastic products.
Has you company considered the cost of building an in-house recycle facility? Aside from taking up valuable space within your warehouse, it can take years for a company to pay off the expensive equipment needed to process plastic scrap and turn it into reusable recycled plastic. Plastic scrap must be ground, shredded sifted, separated, processed and inspected before it can be reused by a plastics manufacturer. More employees will have to be hired to do the work involved. As well, the amount of energy that is consumed by the plastics recycling process is tremendous!
Vikoz is a game changer in the plastics recycling. They sell recycled plastic back to companies after picking it up and processing it. The cost-savings is substantial- and many plastics manufacturers are beginning to discover what Vikoz’ toll grinding services can do for their bottom line.
Vikoz also makes it incredibly easy for your company to recycle. In fact, your employees will find that it will be an effortless process for them to incorporate plastic recycling into their everyday work. If your facility is located within the US or Canada, regardless of the location, Vikoz can drop off recycling bins or boxes, along with roll-off containers and storage trailers for you to use. They’ll pick up your plastic scrap and pay you for it. If you’d prefer that Vikoz sell the recycled plastic back to you, they’ll first process it, and then redeliver it.
After the completion of the entire process of recycling, the material is suitable to be used in the manufacture of new plastics products. Toll grinding services are extremely advantageous to companies that work with plastics on a daily basis.
New methods of handling plastics for recycling are eco-friendly and highly profitable. Best of all, Vikoz will come to you. Even if you do not have a plastics recycling center in your location, you can still take advantage of the services from a company that will sell recycled plastic to your business. You may have been told that due to your location, no company would do business with you. That’s simply not true. Vikoz is able to pick up, process and sell your recycled plastic back to you. They’ll deliver right to your facility, saving you time, money and a lot of hassle.
Why not call Vikoz today at 801-673-3719 to find out what they can do for your company? They’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have, and provide you with all the information you’ll need to decide if Vikoz is the right company for you. We think you’ll find that they are! In fact, more ane more large plastics companies are discovering that Vikoz is able to sell recycled plastic directly to them- eliminating costly purchases of plastic stock. Call Vikoz today- you’ll be glad you made the call!