Plastic Scrap

Are you looking for a place to sell your plastic scrap? Vikoz will purchase raw plastic scrap in any form, and pick it up from any location in the US or Canada. You can make a profit from plastic scrap that you’re either been throwing away, or paying someone else to haul away.
Vikoz makes it easy for your company to recycle your plastic scrap, so that there is no additional work involved for your employees. They’ll drop off convenient bins, boxes, trailers or roll-off containers for you to fill with plastic scrap- and then they’ll pick them up. If you’ve been told that there wasn’t a facility near you, or that you couldn’t recycle your plastic scrap- Vikoz has changed the game.
Regardless of where you live within the US or Canada, Vikoz can pick up your plastic scrap, and will pay you for it. Turning your current expenses into a profit is a double win for your company- and it keeps non-degradable waste out of the landfill at the same time. If your company is finding it difficult to make the time or the effort to recycle your plastic scrap, Vikoz can make it effortless and profitable.
Request a quote from Vikoz by sending an email to Don’t forget to include material description, estimated total pounds, location, contact information and pictures. You’ll receive a prompt reply to your email with a quote to purchase your plastic scrap. You can also contact the company directly by calling 801-673-3719 if you have questions or wish to speak with a specialist.
If your company manufactures products out of plastic and you have plastic scrap as a by-product, Vikoz can provide you with size reduction and toll grinding services. This type of service will save your company money through helping to turn your plastic scrap into a new form that you are able to then reuse for the manufacture of new products.
Toll grinding for plastics manufacturers is vital to cost-savings within your company. Equipment for toll grinding grinds, shreds, sifts, separates and blends. The obvious benefits of this service are that there is fast turnaround time, your company avoids the cost of investing in equipment and personnel to do this work, you eliminate the noise and dust from processing plastics yourself, and you’ll enjoy an increase of work space from freeing up your warehouse.
Toll grinding services from Vikoz makes plastic scrap recycling highly beneficial to large company that work with plastics on a daily basis. Your own recycled plastic will be delivered back to you in a usable form, after it has been inspected for quality.
Contact the company that is dedicated to purchasing and recycling your plastic scrap. Vikoz will come to your facility, anywhere in the US or Canada, pick up your plastic scrap and pay you, or set up toll grinding services that will save your company money. Visit online at to learn more about Vikoz and what they do.