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Buy Recycled Plastic If your company is looking to buy recycled plastic, Vikos os the place to shop, with a variety of plastic recycled materials including clear film, mulch bags and clear stretch film, LPDE logs, mixed color regrinds, natural hips and many other recycled plastic items. Visit or call 801-673-3719 if you have any questions. Buy Recycled Plastic

Laundry Machinery Equipment
Keep your laundry machinery equipment in shape with the help of Brim Laundry Machinery. The company specializes in technical support for a full line of laundry equipment, offering expertise in all kinds of standard industrial and commercial components for your laundry equipment. We carry replacement parts for a long list of brands, including the most sought after names in the market.   Brim Laundry Machinery Company, Inc.

Stretch Wrapping Films

Ox Plastics
92 Apollo street
Brooklyn NY 11222 US

Stretch wrapping films don't have to cost a small fortune- at Ox Plastics, we still believe in providing our customers an exceptional quality product at a great price. That's why you'll always find out plastic wraps and accessories priced among the lowest you'll find online. Our made-in-USA quality exceeds today's standards. Ox Plastics

Engineering Consulting
Vista Projects
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Contact our pros from Vista Projects for comprehensive engineering consulting across multi-markets. With more than 3 decades of experience and skill to draw from, we believe we are the best option to offer clients a unique perspective. See us for cost reduction, forensic engineering, digital project execution, and efficient project management.